Tablet & Scanning Projects

Starting in the spring of 2013, the introduction of Tablets made it easier and more cost effective to use Microsoft Access databases for business applications instead of developing applications for more expensive handheld scanners.

Watch the video on how Handheld Tablets and Barcode Scanners can help improve your business:

Download an overview of the Tablet and Scanning Projects.

All of the project examples below utilize either an HP Elitepad with a rugged case or a Microsoft Surface tablet.  These tablets are priced around $800.   For scanning, these projects are using the key chain sized Motorola Symbol scanner that is wireless and connects to the tablet via Bluetooth.  The Symbol scanners are priced around $275.


Project Examples:

Component Tracking – Manufacturing Shop Floor

  • As components are pulled for production of a certain work order, bar codes are scanned for the work order number, item number and lot number of the component.
  • Eliminated manually writing down information, transposing lot numbers and hours of searching through paper copies of work orders.

Remote Order Entry – Grocery Store to Cheese Factory

  • At each grocery store location, enter quantity of items to be delivered.  Tablet program shows prior sales by item which is updated throughout the day via an internet connection to Dropbox.
  • Eliminated manual writing down of orders, manual compilation of orders and time delays of driving orders back to the factory each day and someone adding up totals by item.

Time & Material Tracking – Woodworking Shop Floor

  • Shop employees punch in and out of Jobs on the tablet.  Can enter/scan employee number, job number and cost code.  Materials are recorded as used.
  • Eliminated manual recording of time and job numbers, manual compilation of hours for payroll, manual entry into payroll processing.  Gained real time job cost reports and costing.

 Equipment Loading & Tracking – Glass & Paint Warehouse

  • Warehouse employees use scanning to add items to a Pick Ticket, Verify Items being Loaded, Process Equipment Returns and Create new Load Sheets.
  • Eliminated manual recording of items picked and sent to job sites.  Eliminated manual entry of items returned from a job site.  Eliminated running back and forth to a workstation to record information.

Inventory Physical Count – Security Warehouse

  • Inventory on Hand is imported from the accounting software to the tablet.
  • Item barcodes are scanned directly into the database.  Counts easily entered.
  • “Count Summary” and “Adjustment Reports” automatically generated from the database.
  • Eliminated manual mistakes and reduced data entry errors.
  • Ability to count inventory in warehouse and in service vehicles.
  • Significantly decreased the amount of time and effort it took to complete the physical count.
  • Physical counts are now completed more frequently to keep perpetual quantities accurate.