Remote Order Entry

Example: Grocery Store to Cheese Factory
  • At each grocery store location, enter quantity of items to be delivered. Tablet program shows prior sales by item which is updated throughout the day via an internet connection to Dropbox.
  • Cheese Factory automatically pulls orders from Dropbox, prints consolidated listing of items to be produced.
  • Eliminated manual writing down of orders, manual compilation of orders and time delays of driving orders back to the factory each day and someone adding up totals by item.
Watch our Remote Order Entry Success Story:

Henning’s Cheese saves over 200 hours per year and eliminates mistakes

Features/Functions on the Tablet
  • Enter Qty to order by Item. Review past orders by date.
  • View Store Hours and Notes.
  • Click the “Automobile” to get driving directions to the next store.
  • Enter information for in-store Product Demos. E-mail completed Demo forms.
  • Release Orders to be automatically printed at the Cheese Factory.
Screen Shot from Remote Order Entry Program:

Remote Order Entry.jpg