QuickBooks & Sage 50

Quickbooks-Sage 50.JPGHow do you know if you need more than QuickBooks or Sage 50?

Here are the top 10 reasons your business may need the next step in business software:

#1 Limit Risk and Fraud.  QuickBooks and Sage 50 allow real-time posting of transactions.  Transactions, such as Invoices, that have already been posted can be modified.  As a business grows, the owner may have a hard time delegating responsibilities knowing that posted transactions can be changed.  More advanced programs use batch processing.  Once data is entered and posted, the transaction cannot be modified.

#2 Inventory Control and Costing.  Advanced programs allow for multiple warehouses.  Costing methods can be selected by item and include standard cost, FIFO, LIFO, Average, Lot and Serial Numbers.

#3 Production Processing.  Advanced programs have modules for bill of materials and work order processing that allow for commitment of raw materials and manufacturing of finished goods.  A small and growing business must know the real cost of what it takes to make a finished product and how changes in raw material cost are impacting the business.

#4 Multiple Ship-To Addresses.  Many customers have multiple locations and multiple ship-to addresses.  Advanced programs allow for an almost unlimited number of ship-to addresses per customer.  Sales can be tracked by customer and/or ship-to location

#5 Customer and Vendor Pricing.  Advanced programs have many different options for tracking customer price levels, inventory price codes and vendor prices.  Alias Item numbers can be linked to a Vendor and or Customer.

#6 Customized Reporting.  QuickBooks and Sage 50 have limited reporting capabilities.  Advanced programs come with Crystal Reports which allows existing reports to be modified and new reports to be written.  Using ODBC links, Microsoft Access can be easily connected to the database for more advanced reporting requirements.

#7 Multiple User/Location Capability.  As a business grows, a central database is needed for processing of customer orders, tracking inventory, shipping and invoicing.  QuickBooks and Sage 50 were designed for single locations with a limited number of users.

#8 Time Collection.  Tracking and costing of employee time is critical as a business grows.  Advanced programs have several different options for Time Tracking.  TimeCard is a module that collects data and directly feeds Payroll and Job Cost.

#9 Data Integration.  Being able to have different systems communicate is a must as a business grows.  Advanced programs have modules that allow for data to be imported and exported from many different types of sources.

#10 Bar Coding.  Increasing accuracy and efficiency can be done by bar coding of orders, items, production paperwork and shipping documents.  Advanced programs provide barcoding options as well as links to industry standard bar code software.

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