Inventory Physical Count

Example: Security Warehouse
  • Inventory on Hand is imported from the accounting software to the tablet.
  • Item barcodes are scanned directly into the database.  Counts easily entered.
  • “Count Summary” and “Adjustment Reports” automatically generated from the database.
  • Eliminated manual mistakes and reduced data entry errors.
  • Ability to count inventory in warehouse and in service vehicles.
  • Significantly decreased the amount of time and effort it took to complete the physical count.
  • Physical counts are now completed more frequently to keep perpetual quantities accurate.
Watch our Inventory Success Story:

Lappen Security Products was successful in reducing their Inventory Physical Count time by 70% by implementing Tablets and Scanners into their process.

Tablet Home Screen:

Physical Count Home Page - Lappen

When item is scanned the Item ID is populated and quantity defaults to 1.
The quantity may be adjusted by clicking on it and entering the new quantity on the numeric keypad:

Physical Count Quantity Page


Inventory Adjustment Report:


Physical Count Adjustment Report
Inventory Summary Report:

Physical Count Inventory Summary