Sage 100 Features By Version

What is MAS 90?

  • This is the name of the original product developed by “State Of The Art” software company in the 80’s. Even though the product has had many updates, it still installs to a MAS90 file directory and the ODBC connection is labeled SOTA.

What is Sage 100?

Sage 100 Launcher

What is Sage 100c?

  • Sage 100c is the “Subscription” pricing model for Sage 100. An annual subscription fee is charged to use the software.  The software goes into a read only mode if the annual subscription is not renewed.
  • Since 2016, Sage has been adding more new features to the subscription based Sage 100c version versus the original Sage 100 perpetual license version in order to encourage customers to move to the subscription pricing plan.
  • What’s New in Sage 100c Version 2018
  • What’s New in Payroll Version 2018.5

What is Sage 100cloud?

  • In 2018 Sage decided to rename Sage 100c to Sage100cloud in order to emphasize the “cloud connected” services available with the “c” product line.
  • Sage 100, Sage 100c and Sage 100cloud are all the same product with more features unlocked and available with the “c” versions. This product is still loaded on your local server and local workstations.  You may choose to run your software on a hosting service of your choice or to utilize any of the cloud connected services such as credit card processing and mobile apps.
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  • Compare Sage 100 to Sage 100cloud

Sage 100 Features by Version-2018

What Version of Sage 100 should I be on?

  • View supported Sage Versions
  • Upgrade to version 2019. If you are using Sage 100 Payroll, it is important to upgrade to Payroll version 2.19x prior to the end of 2019 in order to get the latest updates.

On-line Documentation Available for Sage 100

If you would like to learn more about Sage 100, user manuals and documentation are now available via a website link.

Sage 100 Documentation