Component Tracking

Example: Manufacturing Shop Floor
    • As components are pulled for production of a certain work order, bar codes are scanned for the work order number, item number and lot number of the component.
    • This information is stored in a Microsoft Access database that is used for tracking of lot numbers by component and is extremely valuable for any possible recalls.
    • Eliminated manually writing down information, transposing lot numbers and hours of searching through paper copies of work orders.
Watch our Manufacturing Success Story:

VSI was able to save over 33 hours per month by implementing Tablets and Scanners for Component Tracking:

Screen Shots from Component Tracking Program:

Touch screen on the tablet is used to select an option.

Component Tracking Home Screen

Scanner is used to scan barcodes for Work Order Number, Component Item and Lot #.  Quantity can be changed with a pop up, on-screen keypad.
Component Lot Entry

If all required Components on the Work Order are not picked and scanned, the program will prompt the user to pick and scan the additional components.

Component Work Order