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What Version of Sage 100 Should I Be On?

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  • Upgrade to version 2018 if you do not run Payroll, Job Cost or Timecard.  We have seen several issues surface with these rewritten modules in version 2018 and suggest more time be allocated for others to work out the issues.
  • Upgrade to version 2017 for all those running Payroll, Job Cost or Timecard.
  • This is the last year for year-end updates on version 2016.
  • Support for version 2015 is ending on 9/30/2018 and there will not be any year end updates.
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Supreme Court Sales Tax Ruling

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Can a state require an out-of-state retailer to collect and remit sales tax?  Per the latest ruling, the answer is yes if an out-of-state seller delivers more than $100,000 of goods or services, or engages in 200 or more separate transactions per year in a state.

Read the article in Accounting Today on the Supreme Court Sales Tax Ruling.

For Sage 100 users, consider using Avalara to calculate and report on sales tax in states other than Wisconsin.  Learn More

Get to Know Your Business Consultant….

Christina Theobald

Christina Crop

If you run into a problem, Christina typically can find you a solution.   She has been with CSI for nineteen years and loves that each day is always different.  Find out more about why she enjoys being a business consultant and why you want her on your team for your next fundraiser!
Q & A with Christina


Sage Sessions set for Chicago on April 24th

The Sage Sessions is a single-day event designed for Sage customers driving our economy. This is a must-attend event that delivers a learning, training and networking experience that will inspire you to drive your business forward. Focused on the Sage product portfolio and roadmaps, Sage Sessions provide Sage customers, partners, and accountants with actionable tools and insightful knowledge.  This event replaces the multi-day Sage Summit Conference that is not taking place this year.  Let us know if you are going to be attending by emailing
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What’s Next for Sage 100?

We have all the most current resources for Sage 100 that you will need:

Competitive Strategies, Inc. assists your business in gaining a competitive advantage through the use of business management software.  Our Planning, Systems, Success approach is proven.  Our expertise makes it happen.

Competitive advantage comes from understanding your customer, your business and your competition.  Then, implementing a strategy to gain market share.  Software is a key part of that strategy.

Software is a business management tool.  Only if used properly will it enhance business efficiency and decision making.  At Competitive Strategies, Inc. we specialize in understanding how your business functions and how software can be used to :

  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Increase Return on Investment
  • Increase Profitability
  • Enhance Decision Making
  • Gain Competitive Advantage

Competitive Strategies, Inc. was started in 1997 by Steve Engmann and Jackie Lingg in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Since our beginning in 1997, we have assisted over 400 organizations with projects ranging from writing a better management report to a complete overhaul of their core business system.

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Lappen Security Products Cuts Physical Count Time By 70% By Implementing Tablets & Barcode Scanners

Lappen Logo“Great savings and being so easy, we can (count inventory) more often to catch these inaccuracies.”

Scott Wildenberg
President and Owner
Lappen Security Products

Watch the Lappen Security Products Success Story

Read the Lappen Security Products Success Story


Willy Street Co-Op Successfully Brings Automation Into Their Multiple Locations

  • Eliminated Manual Data EntryWilly Street Logo
  • Integrated Financial Management
  • Multiple Location Cash Management

“It has been great working with Steve and Ann.  They took care of both the large and small tasks needed to make our conversion to Sage 100 a success!”  

Paige Wickline
Willy Street Co-Op

Integrated Systems Help Grow LandWorksLandworks Logo

  • Custom Estimating Application for Quick and Accurate Quotes
  • Costing of Labor Materials by Job using Sage 100
  • Time Collection System Feeds Payroll and Costing Without Re-keying data

“CSI listened to our problems collecting and entering field data from multiple locations. The time-entry database solution was custom designed to integrate seamlessly with our Sage ERP and payroll applications. The program dramatically improves overall workflow while helping to eliminate human error.  I have worked with Steve for most of his 20 years. His integrity, counsel and friendship have been invaluable to me.”

Robert K. Sappey
President, Minority Owner
LandWorks Landscape Services, Inc.


Custom Databases Changed the Way August Winter & Sons Tracks Their Business

Examples of Databases Created for August Winter by Competitive Strategies:

AWS logo resize

  • Time Tracking by Job
  • Time Tracking by Service Ticket
  • Engineering Tracking for Bids and Jobs
  • Employee Training Database to track Certifications and Education for each Employee and Job Site
  • Tool Tracking System to Inventory which Tools are at which Job Location
  • Integrated SQL Based Accounting System to Microsoft Access for pulling data into databases and pushing back into Accounting System

“Competitive Strategies is literally part of our IT Team. So many people in our industry have the wrong impression of Microsoft Access and what it can do for their business. With the help of Competitive Strategies and their Visual Basic programming in MS Access, it has offered us a way to pull all of our data from various programs together. If a piece of software we have is missing some functionality that we need and we can’t wait for that software developer to provide it, we call Competitive Strategies.”

Heather Sprangers
IT Manager
August Winters & Sons, Inc.

Eagle Logo With Tag50%Eagle Performance Plastics Increases Efficiency And Visibility Through Process Automation While Decreasing Human Error

  • Shop Floor Scheduling
  • Automated Quote to Work Order Process
  • Efficient Order Processing with Sage 100

“We process an average of 400 work orders per week.  Each work order goes through multiple people from quote, purchasing, drawing, machining, and shipping, which leads to a lot of room for human error. The program that CSI created for us takes away that chance and the visibility on each order is priceless.”

Laurie McElrath
Customer Service Specialist
Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc

VSIVSI Saves 33 hours Per Month By Using Tablets And Scanners To Do Lot Tracking

Read the complete VSI Success Story

“The system took a multi-day, multi-person project and found the results in about 2 seconds. Whenever we have IT related problems and need a creative solution, Steve (from CSI) is one of the first people we go to.”

Heidi Barrette
Vice President of Operations


With Improved Accuracy and Visibility, Resource One International Saves Over 500 hours Per Year

  • Scanning of Roll Location on all Tow Motors
  • Automate Shipping Schedule
  • Automate Purchasing Process
  • Improve Inventory Accuracy
  • Increase Visibility of Product Status
  • Eliminate Re-Keying of Data

Read the Complete Resource One International Success Story

Purchasing Automation Success Story
“It is a savings of about 10-15 hours per week to have
all the information I need on one screen.”

Karen DeGroot
Purchasing Manager
Resource One International

Shipping Automation Success Story
“Having this system in place, all the information is
there, it keeps us extremely organized.”

Naomi Barrington
Logistics Manager
Resource One International


ST Paper & Tissue Logo 2017

Custom Database Program Eliminates Inefficiencies For
ST Paper And Increases Productivity

Functions of Database Program:

  • Purchasing data entry.
  • Waste paper receiving.
  • Printing tags for each bale of waste paper that is received.
  • Tracking which bales are used when in the pulper.
  • Inventory inquiry and reports.

“It’s probably saving me 10 hours per week.” (About custom database for waste paper tracking with barcoded tags.)

Joan Wilson
Fiber Procurement Manager
ST Paper, LLC.


Meat Order Pro has Maplewood Packing, Inc Keeping Their Customers Happier With Ability to Make More Product and Shorter Turnaround Times

We spent hours and hours with the small work preparing for the day.  That isn’t there anymore. It is a very efficient and organized way to look for orders. (About Meat Order Pro Program).  They (CSI) were there every step of the way. If we had a problem or question, they were always there to answer it in a timely fashion. The support aspect has been tremendous.

Brad VanHelmryk
Plant Manager
Maplewood Packing, Inc