Bar Codes and Scanning

Barcodes can easily be printed on any form printed from Sage 100

Where should I use barcodes?

  • Sales Order Pick Tickets
  • Purchase Order Receiving Documents
  • Work Orders
  • Item Labels
  • Inventory Physical Count Sheets

How do I print barcodes?

  • Use the barcode fonts from Aatrix on any form or report.
  • Apply the barcode font to the field you want to print.
  • Link to barcode and label printing programs such as Label Matrix or Bartender.

Do I need expensive handheld units in order to scan barcodes?

  • No!
  • Scan barcoded data directly into Sage 100 using a corded gun or wireless scanner.
  • Scan barcoded data into custom designed database applications. Learn more (link to our Tablet & Scanning Page)
  • Use integrated scanning programs from Scanco or Scan Force.

Can Competitive Strategies, Inc. develop a custom application for our business?

  • Yes!

Which vendors provide solutions integrated with Sage 100?

Which is the best solution?

  • It depends on the situation. We recommend thoroughly reviewing all options before making a decision.
  • We can point out pros and cons of each solution to assist you in getting the best fit for your business.